End to End Crypto solutions provider with a portfolio of respected clients

Offerings including energy sourcing, go-live/optimization, and investment advisory services to an elite clientele. 

Our Services

Cryptocurrency Mining

End to end services offerings, in which our clients benefit from the collective experience of our team, comprised of cryptocurrency mining and blockchain, finance, and business development Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), we get the job done and have a portfolio of successful large scale (10,000+ rig/ASIC) deployments to back this up.

Energy Sourcing

As cryptocurrency prices decline, the question of net profitability arises. While we are years from mining revenue even approaching nominal power cost, when operating at power consumption levels greater than 1-2 MW/h, energy savings amounts to millions of dollars throughout the course of a 2-3 year contract in a deregulated market such as Texas or New Jersey. We have the contacts and benefit programs deployed in advance of client engagement to ensure optimal energy savings. 

Hardware/Software Sourcing

Due to the volume of equipment purchasesd by SpinHASH for our respective clients, our firm enjoys discounts of approximatelky 20% on ASICs and 30% on GPUs, when purchasing at scale (2,500+ units per order minimum generally). As software goes, we offer all of our clients SpinHASH's proprietary Linux-based mnining software, integrating with Claymore and able to autonomously switch coins mined (or even % of machines changed) as prices and profitability of cryptos change, without any human input

Meet the Team

Business Development- Krishna Kumar

Krishna is the Managing Director at Quintrix Solutions, Inc. After gaining considerable experience at several Wall Street firms including Goldman Sachs, Krishna currently overseas Web/Mobile application development, Digital Strategy and Staffing needs of clients. He is actively involved in multiple crypto and block-chain related ventures. His expertise lies in mining infrastructure set up including facility and power cost negotiation

Operations & Logistics- Hiral Ghelani

A Business Intelligence expert, Hiral is the Founder and CEO of a Wall-street based FinTech company called Stock Earning. He is well versed in all aspects of running a start-up - from business strategy to:  fundraising to execution. He has consulted for many Fortune 500 companies as well as start-ups. Along with Krishna, Hiral has sound experience in building mining ventures with both domestic as well European partners.

Cryptocurrency Mining and Blockchain- Palmer Rosen

A Columbia Business School graduate, Palmer has successfully brought multiple mining businesses from stages of infancy to profitable fruition cryptocurrencies, Palmer has owned and operated more than four large scale mining farms since 2014. Palmer has worked with many large and well respected businesses as a cryptocurrency consultant, spanning a range of offerings from mining expertise to strategic investment, arbitrage, and crypto futures services. 

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We hold office office space in NY, NJ, FL as this is where each respective partner lives, We are all entrepereneurs so work from home or a small office. The first address is actually the address for the Columbgia Start Up Lab, an incubator initiated a year ago that has helped us achieve such explosive growth and knowledge of new sectors. 


175 Varick Street, Manhattan, New York, New York 10014, United States

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