End to End Services

Energy Pricing

In leveraging close ties with Retail Energy Provider (REP) relationships in states including TX and PA, we are able to enjoy economies of scale industrial pricing often at the sub $.04 fixed per KwH spectrum (inclusive of adders, taxes, TDU fees). As mining becomes more competitive the most energy efficient will profit most significantly and push much of the market not able to achieve these rates out of the market entirely when these smaller competitors reach breakeven. If accepted as a client, we can choose to engage in what is known as a fixed. or "block and meter" contract, or Real Time Pricing (RTP) contract, with the former being more yet slightly more expensive and the latter being less expensive but more volatile. Depends on risk adversity of client.

Hardware Sourcing

Possessing a a volume based 10-20% discount on Bitmain products and many AMD/Nvidia GPUs, we are able to source not only amn energy contract but alspo the cryptographic miners, whethere they be ASIC or GPU. We can source volume as high as 15,000 Antminer s9's (14TH's model)o to as low as 500 machines, but less this is unfortunately is Bitamin's cutoff price of our agreement.

Hosting Services & Cloud Mining

Purchase all your miners from Spinhash, LLC and let us handle the hosting and management while you watch your cryptographic balance rise. We possess proprietary software that mines (if GPU mining) the most profitable coin given difficulty, price, exchange liquidity, etc. For ASIC miners pursuing the real time pricing model, we have proprietary switchers that shut yur rigs down when energy costs exceed a certain rate and automnatically power on when this threshold rate is obtained again, allowing you to avoid peak "5:00-5:30 C.S.T." usage times and in turn lower prices even further than mentioned above, a sub $.04 and even much less is completely obtainable if partnering with us on a large scale.